About Us


Conserving Energy through Collaborative Efforts.


We envision a future where all people can afford to live in their homes with dignity, comfort, and safety, while promoting racial equity. providing a priceless opportunity to those who have the training, skill and certification to deliver the services needed which creates employment opportunities.


UE’s executive leadership, staff, and volunteers believe in the fundamental values of:

  1. Human Dignity
  2. Mutual Respect
  3. Stewardship
  4. Collaboration
  5. Eco-Communities
  6. Racial Equity

Statement of Inclusion

Urban Efficiency LLC values and operates by a policy of inclusion, providing equal opportunity to all person regardless of their protected status, including race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and/or any other class determined by law.


We believe in the concept of Eco-Communities and that people are experts of their own experience. By empowering people with information and tools and facilitating connections to resources, we can increase the capacity of our community to address many home, environmental, comfort, and health & safety issues while conserving natural resources. It is not enough for us to simply function as experts in our field; we must be equally skillful in communicating the most up-to-date energy conservation measures (ECM) and standards in a way that is accessible across all levels of experience, culture, languages, ages, and abilities. This same philosophy of empowerment demands that we maintain a healthy, supportive, work environment. We strive to maintain the trust we’ve earned in the community and believe in being a collaborative, transparent organization, which lends itself well to our coined phrase, “Eco-Synergy”.


In 2009 Urban Efficiency was instrumental in introducing the eco-community concept to the urban core of Northwest Indiana. This concept was initially introduced through the offering of basic energy efficiency measures from resources secured from a grant. The inclusion of the education workshops empowered well over 700 residents by expanding an underserved population’s understanding of energy efficiency best practices.

To influence the sustainability of our efforts, community workshops were offered to increase homeowner capacity, which fostered the opportunity for Urban Efficiency to build meaningful relationships. Those relationships represent the energy efficiency advocates that are influential in driving the demand for the eco-community concept, while promoting communal energy efficiency compliance.

Our work with implementers to deliver on the goals and objectives of utility companies is yet another facet of Urban Efficiency’s history in service delivery. This opportunity allowed us to enhance the energy efficiency infrastructure of more than 1400 residents in the income qualified community.

 Our participation in local and state weatherization assistance programs (WAP) exposed our company to a culture that challenged us to operate under governmental oversight and fiscal accountability, an experience that influenced our growth and development making Urban Efficiency a viable choice in energy efficiency problem solving.  The emphasis placed on performance, accountability and consistency has only increased our confidence in the qualitative value of Urban Efficiency’s deliverables. 



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