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OUr direct Installation services include:

Weatherization Programs

Our Weatherization Program Plugs Holes, Cracks, and Other Gaps That Leak Homeowners’ Energy and Money.
UE contractors find even the smallest air leaks to help your customers find the biggest savings.

Many homes have a seemingly endless amount of small holes, cracks, and other small openings that allow inside heated or cooled air to go out, and heated or cooled outdoor air to come in.

Not only does this increase energy costs, it also puts excessive wear on heating and cooling equipment which runs longer than necessary. (In addition, these open spaces can cause water damage and other non-energy-related health issues.)

Using various energy audit techniques, such as blower door testing, infrared imaging and smoke sticks, UE will develop a detailed work order that includes all sources of leaked air.

Our inspection areas include:

  • basements
  • crawl spaces
  • foundation walls
  • attached garages
  • attics
  • roofs
  • service entry points
  • plumbing, pipe, and wire penetrations
  • windows and doors
  • recessed lighting
  • ceiling and wall fixtures

Our certified residential home performance professionals— always licensed and fully insured—use weatherization and installation techniques that are in strict accordance with program guidelines, manufacturer specifications, and relevant building codes. All methods and materials are proven to be effective, long-lasting, and safe for all building occupants.

The outcome for utility customers and government constituents? Newly weatherized homes that reduce energy usage, lower energy bills, and increase indoor comfort. And for you: highly satisfied program participants.

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Solar Solutions

HVAC Upgrades

Our Energy Efficiency HVAC Upgrades Help Save Energy, Money, and the Environment.

Many single and multi-family homes have outdated HVAC systems that both drain the wallet and damage the environment. During many of our home energy audits, we encounter older, low-efficiency water heaters, heating systems, and air conditioning equipment that is needlessly—and relentlessly—costing homeowners money each month on their gas and electric bills.

Unfortunately, these outdated systems also contribute to harming our homeowners and the environment by causing various emissions to be expelled into the outdoor air and living spaces, not to mention draining finite worldwide fuel supplies.

UE inspectors and contractors are fully trained in identifying outdated and ill-performing equipment and can recommend upgrades to high efficiency ENERGY STAR® heating and cooling systems that demand far less energy resources and run much more cleanly. This helps families save money over the lifetime of the newly installed equipment, and helps save the environment, too.

As part of our program management, we will work with your utility or government agency to determine any systems, rebates, or financing plans that you wish to offer for your customers or constituents as part of that program. If you do not have any such requirements in place, rest assured that we are well-versed in identifying the best equipment at the best available costs.

Our HVAC contractors will remove and properly dispose of the old equipment, and expertly install the new systems to exacting manufacturer operational and safety specifications.

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UE Supports Our Audits with Energy-Efficient Products and Services
First we identify energy waste in homes — next we educate the homeowner — finally we fix the problems.

Our 10+ years in the industry show that we set a higher standard. Identifying energy inefficiency is a crucial first step, but we don’t just find problems, we solve them. That’s why we have full-time contractors assigned to every energy conservation program to provide any energy-efficient products and services needed to turn wasted energy expenses into the savings and comfort that every homeowner wants.

UE has an experienced and trained subcontractor and trade ally network ready to support your program goals at whatever level you set.

Weatherization programs

Energy Efficient HVAC Upgrades

Solar Solutions


As soon as any health and safety issues have been resolved, insulation upgrades are the first services provided following our home energy audit.

With current building codes requiring attic insulation r-values ranging from r-38 to r-49, a large portion of existing homes are non-compliant. Additionally, a great many older homes have half the amount of insulation that is found in newer construction.

Fortunately, adding up-to-code insulation in the proper amount of surface coverage is one of the most affordable improvements — and it also saves homeowners and multi-family home managers significant money while improving year-round comfort.

As part of every home energy audit, UE energy auditors will carefully analyze current insulation levels in all areas of the home or building, including:

  • attics
  • vented crawl spaces 
  • water pipes
  • duct work
  • basement perimeters
  • attached garages with ceilings or walls adjacent to heated home areas

We identify which areas need increased insulation levels or code upgrades. Then we consider the home’s existing building materials, heating and cooling systems, electrical and mechanical components, ventilation requirements, and air sealing opportunities

Only then do we expertly install the best insulation according to each home’s particular needs, being careful to fully cover all exposed areas to maximize cost savings and comfort. Contact us to learn more about our insulation contractor services.Type your paragraph here.