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We train our professional BPI-certified energy auditors to evaluate each house as a whole, prioritizing which energy saving measures should be implemented, based upon the guidelines of the program.

They examine, measure, and evaluate every factor that affects energy usage or loss in the home — for example, size of the home, efficiency of appliances, insulation coverage, drafts from walls, windows, doors, roofs, and efficiency of all home heating and cooling systems.

Our auditors use the latest technology to test the building shell for leakage and for testing combustion appliances in the home for safe and efficient operation. They take into account all aspects of energy use in the home and educate the customer so they can make smart choices regarding the use of energy-saving techniques in their homes.

When possible, they use specialized software to produce comprehensive recommendation reports that show which energy-efficiency improvements would reduce monthly energy costs while also making the home more comfortable. This report contains savings estimates, labor and equipment costs, and payback for all energy savings recommendations. These are improvements that everyone can afford, since they require no out-of-pocket down payment.

Going beyond home energy audits to home energy safety

Your customers or constituents will be pleased to discover that our home energy audits include home health and safety testing. This a real value-added service that further shows that you care about the homeowners covered in your program.

Ready to provide direct installation services as requested

While homeowners are free to use any contractor to make their energy-saving home improvements, they typically use UE direct installation services because we fully understand the material and installation requirements, are licensed and fully insured, and will have their work inspected—only then can they be sure that our recommendations have been met, and that they will enjoy greater energy savings and home comfort for many years to come.

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