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Lead & Mold Abatement

Examine and test for lead and mold hazards in your building. Provide plan for mitigation and removal. 

We are ready to help you assess your energy use and save money


Providing a thorough Home Energy Audit allows you to assess how much energy consumption your home or building is utilizing. Identifying these areas and providing an energy plan to corrective action has the potential to save you significant amounts of money over time. 

​Do you want to save money on energy costs?

Community Education

As Urban Efficiency LLC continues to grow we look for educational opportunities that we can provide to our communities.  


Health and Safety Training

Urban Efficiency LLC seeks to provide education to better our communities.  Providing Health and Safety training allows us to further empower our partners and patrons alike. 


Philanthropic Endeavors

Urban Efficiency LLC has participated in the following Philanthropic efforts to make our communities better and more energy efficient places to be.

Energy Audit


Assessment: It all starts with us taking a look to evaluate what measures can be taken to make your home or building more energy efficient.  An assessment will show problems that may, when corrected can save you money over time. We provide you with a detailed plan of action and suggestions on where to make these improvements.

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Adapt: Once your building or home has been properly weatherized and you are beginning to benefit from a more safe and comfortable home, it is time to become educated on other ways to save energy costs.  Investigating renewable energy sources like Solar panels, geothermal heat or wind energy can be another great way to provide cost savings for you. 




Protecting your building and it's interior from the elements reducing energy consumption and optimizing energy  efficiency.

Action: Once the items that need improvement have been identified then the actual mitigation and process of weatherproofing or weatherization can begin.  This protects your building and interior from the elements of sunlight, precipitation, and wind by modifying it to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.  This is different than just building insulation.  Insulation primarily reduces conductive heat flow, weatherization primarily reduces convective heat flow. 

Energy Education

Educate consumers and generate public interest about renewable energy resources. 

Renewable Energy

Capturing opportunities to utilize continuously replenished energy sources from nature.

We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a one time service business.  We want to be part of the efforts that makes your life better, healthier, and more energy efficient. And, the more we learn and provide services in our communities, one neighborhood at a time, the better and more sustainable our world as a whole will become!


A HERS home energy rating provides an in-depth energy assessment of your building using specialized diagnostic equipment. 

Home Energy Audit

Assessing how much energy your building consumes and evaluate measures to make it more efficient and save money.